From Lugano, Switzerland. I spent my first 19 years there and went to school (elementare, media, and liceo); in 1990 I moved to Zurich to study Computer Science at ETH. I liked the Oberon project so much that joined the Programming Languages and Runtime Systems Research Group, and got my Ph.D. working on the Active Oberon Project (Jaos JVM, Paco Compiler, and Active Oberon language). In 2002, I moved to the industry and worked for Elca Informatique while being also a lecturer at ETH (System-Software) and FHA (.NET). I was active in a few open-source projects (IIOP.NET, GNU Classpath, JNode). Since January 2005, I work for Google Switzerland.

I used to spend a lot of time in the computer room at school, and outdoors as a member of the S. Gottardo scout group in Viganello (later, I became a member of the international team of the PBS). I had to reduce these activities, because I'm lacking the time for them, but I discovered cooking and wine tasting, which nowadays captures lots of my time and fantasy; while at ETH, I was in charge of the monthly institute staff meeting for 2 years, and this allowed me to discover some fine dining places in Zurich.

Biking is also one of my hobbies. When the weather allows, I commute by bike (7 km one way). I also like hiking and did a few week long treks (1999, 2003, 2004) in the alps from one hut to the next one (mostly in Ticino), if possible staying above 2000 meters.

Currently, I enjoy to spend most of my time with my wife Andrea and our sons Nico and Sandro.